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tv   Washington Business Report  ABC  October 6, 2013 11:00am-11:30am EDT

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captioned byby the national captioning institute>> business news from the capital region. this is "washington business report" with abc7 national correspondent rebecca cooper. >> thanks for joing us for a lookt business and fininancen the washington region. many of us t thiseek are woing without pay or forced to stay home. t theeet has shrugged off shutdown so far. investors noonger expe washgton to work. experts sayhat could changef we get too clolose to default. ifongrs does not raisehe debt cling by octor 17.. no one is clear how johnoehner intends to avoid such a scenario without teaming up with democrats. visitinghe construction
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company on thursd, president obamcongress that raising the debt ceilings urgent and nonnegotiable. to demand somet ransom in exchange for keeping the government running. you don't get to demand ransom in exchange for keeping the economy running. ransosom get to demand for doing your most basic job. >> congress passed the debt ceiling in 1917. the problem? congress decides how much money is spent, so the law limits the government possibility to pay its debt. is davis warns that it countries like china that now own a good portion of f u.s. det through bonds. >> you pay china off before you pay off your social security recipients. defaults, the treasury department warnrns the credit markets could freeze. the value of the dollar could plummet and interest rates could skyrocket.
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washington business later say that congress should rein in debt say that congress should rein in debt. >> we need to put in plans in ththe fure to get is rolved. in the greater washington area we are taking a h hit. >> theusiness community coinues in dage control mod in washington, wondering how long it can last and what they can do toessen the imimpact.. we have a pel. oday, president d ceo o of the greater washihingtn board of trade, ceo of t the d.. , andf commerce maging director at guggeeim securies. welcome tto yoall. barbar lete start with you how painful ist for r yourr members, this governnt shutdown they are acting like three-
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year-olds. three-year-olds act better. they a not showing leadersp. things are unsble. for businessesyou need d to know what's going to happen so you canlan. this is absolutely ridulousus. lead.e got to that''s whate elected them t do. >> the practicalies what you hahave to do to prepare for the shutdown, and then t try to function as best youou can durig a shuown, you held some seminanars for your members to y to coach them and train them. what are some of the specifics yoyou taught tm to do? >> that was two years ago. we have dusted off the information to provide them guidance again. peop are getting gooat preparing. undnderstande them to the implications. will you be able to use your vacation, your sk leave? should you be conducting training?
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opportunities to do community outreacach, communi progms apart of that fulfillment of theheir community corporate social responsibility. you need thave a plan for ththe interdendency as it relates to labor issues. your contracts still need to be due and your deliverables the sameme deliverableles on t the e timeframe. it's not just thencertainty 's the unknown of what iss closed, when willll it reopen, d what do i need to in the meantime? people need to know what to do when the govovernmt reopens and they shoululd be documenting everything. >> do we know the answswer to se tho questions r raised? we e know whether your vacatioion time as aa contractor will count? do i collectnemployment t and the district of columbia, do
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i go back to prince george's or fafairfax?x? of challenge is with all that time and attention oit, it's s not productive work. it is spending time on things we should be starting off on getting the job done. >> exactly. the laborepartment's start to be flood, particularly the district's. lining up tole start the employment compention process. >> i want to lk to you about sequestration, barbara. but i want to start wiwith chris kluger. you becocome thehe goto guy. many pple thought we would avoid the shutdownwn. you were predicting that you thought we would get to ts point. now you are predicting there is a 40% chance we wl geto ocber 1 are you ill standing by those numbers?
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>> we are. becae th government is shutdown, that october 17 deadlines probably a bitater because the treasasury -- ther's probably a bit more cushionon there. october 17 comes and goes. 40% chance. right nonow they are in this staring conte. the grand strategy for both des is not to blink. us about ththe process. what will happen oe we hit thehe debt ceiling. p people have thrown the default term around.d. willtober7, the treasury have a minimum of $30 billion. they c no longer judge the inflow and outflow. reality, they are probably y ok through the month because they can theory prioritize.
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, germany's outflows from the entitled programs -- emendous overflows -- outows from m the entitlement programs. >> this is very scary for your businesses. do isncle samam will try to to protect its credit rating by paying the bondholders first. governmement contractors will be furtr down theoad -- list f forwand keep them businesses in businesses -- the businesses in busins? >> you have to help them plan for the worst scenario. this is so uncertainin for them.
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the whole ideahat we have e 50 congressman that are holding this country hostage is unacceptable, and led by congressman cruise for the most part. -- cruz for the most part. when do we e say what is in the best interest of our country? the speaker has got to man u >> both rld war ii veterans, ay -- we were talking with the mayor when he made the decision. >> i think he made the right decisionon. that is unacceptable, so o i applaud the mayor and the counselor for standing by that. we h have to keep the city
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running. what happens when the gaage starts to pile up? i'm delighted to see that. the challenge will be if we are using resve fununds that we have , th what t do wdo? >>e've got to get to a bre. much more to discuss with our entire panel. we will be right back. okay, i need a better pizza. one made with only real cheese. and dough that rises naturally. with no chemical leaveners. a pizza with premium meats. and sauce made from only real tomatoes. a pizza my family will love.
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the pipeline will bring more than just oil. construction will support the creation o of over 40,000 american jobs. let's build the transcanada keystone xl pipeline.
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>>elcome back. we havore with the d.c. chamber of comrce and thehe greater washshington board of trade. i wanto talk to u abouout another g storory this week, the opening launch of signing up for the affordable care act. thehe president obama has embraced as well, obamacar we saw v varying degre of effectiveness.s. what did you seen your end barbara? >> the district hahandled it pretty well. all systems were go. they did not have any technology problems. , people werepart able to get on.
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i command the t team -- - commed the team. virginia had a lot of obls, but they were continuing to sign people up with paper applicatations. marilyn had big news in that theieir preremiums s will be lor than anticipipated.. what are you hearingng from your members?s? >> i don't think anybody wants to wt. the c challenge is for a lot of the e regional companieses aroud re. the implemeation n is going very well in the distct of coluia, t if your companyny has one partf thee office here d another part elsewhere in the e region, you are pulling yr hair out. all of tse rules and regulations, and lack of clary. another year inflammation -- implemention deadlin and the
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uncertainty on capitol hill -- everyone wants to take some time to step back and breathe bit. >> you have virgininia runun bye feral government t because thee governor opted out. let ask y, chris, ' been hearing abouthe repupublicans. something has got to give on obamacare. ll anything change in ththe end? >> no, that's the shorort answe. the best way to look at the governnt shutdown is basically a proxy war over obamacare. ththe president has de i abundantly clear that this i basilly his second term legacy . it's not o only the passage of e law, but protection n of the la. >> were hea from john boehner. he would not aow governmenent shutdown. you wewere sayaying even behehi- scenes, thing will change? >> president oba and the congressional democrats are as
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unified as i've ever seen the on a single issue. they believe this would be the equivalent o of paying a ransom. all we're talking about our short-term patches. the idea that the president is gointo give a huge, ceremonial , and then relitigate this again dodoes not seem realistic. we' got to get to the break. she has been announci her upcoming retirement. what makes barbara lange s successful? effective ati so hejob, s she has been n a tremendous claborator. could not have asked for better partner at the board of trade. >> if barbara lange weren charge of the.s. government, we would not be in shutdown right now. [laughter] there are a couple of management rules to live by? >> leaving, not retiring.
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you need to know when to leave.. that is why the thihings i have done in all my jobs. thihings i haveone all my job are you have to stand r somemethin wherecan't waitit to see you go next. stay team and -- tuned. you go next. stay [ male announcer ] at northrop grumman,
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welcome back. five is our number of the week, how many counties in the
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washington region turned up on a new list of the best counties to work in. the finance site factored unemployment, medium income, growthth, and average commute. -- amazing tant any of amazed that any of ouour ar got past the commute factor. county in fourthth place. howard county, maryland is in eighth place. counties in our gionave unemployment well below the naonal average and healthy medium incomesgood ough to outweigh those long cocommutes. ststick with us. we will have you acing your next interview. and when you get up -- can i play? no! you don't even get football. [ male announcer ] when you've got 100% fiber optic fios, you get it. america's fastest, most reliable internet. it's the ultimate for downloading,
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>> w whether you want a a job flipping b burgers or leading a fortune 500 company, you havto nail that interview. u.s. to avoid some o of the mo mmon interviview mistakes. she consults businesses and organizations in leadership develolopment and she will helps break down some of the e g mistakes people make in intervie some. let's go through all five.
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mistake number one, giving into negativity. >>hen you are looking for a job, you go through many inteiews and it is hard to stay posit feeling negative, that will seep thrhrough your personality. do what ever you can do what ever you can to pump yourself up for the ininterview. do not badmouth your previououss employer. attitude. a defeatist if you think it is a waste of time, it is going to seep through yo persosonality. you'u've got to think,k, can do this job. i have aood chance o of getting it. > if youre feelingynical, drop it for the day. mistake number two. >> i was interviewing all kinds candidates, and
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they were winging itit. it is one of the biggest mistakes. peop wing it. wronong, wrong, wrong. you need to approach interviews strategically. are the t three things you want this perspective employer to know about you? make sure you read those three things into all of your answers in your entire prentation. you've got to know the inside out of the company, the industry.. do y your research. you want to know t strengths and d weaknesses of te plyou're interviewining for. mistake number three, being totoo informal. is not a time to be sharing tmi.
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i'm a i girl, but a j job intervieiew is not the time and place. >> you have to present the best form of yourself and make sure you are not too formal, not too chatty, not overly friendly, which can be hard. you want t to be warm and approaable, but you still have to be foformal. a lot t of that has to do with w you look.. you still have tdresup for the job interview. you have to dresa a notch better than you think the job requires. >> and dress appropriately for the industry. >> absolutelely. >> we were not even allowed to ar pants wn n i worked on capitol hill. number four, coming across ass overly arranant. big problelem in washington. line betweenf fine
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confidence and arrogance. confidence says, ian do this job and i'm a good match. arrogance means its all about me. if y don't hire me, you're a fool. "i"want to balance the statemts with the "you" statements. knowledge the cocoler judgments of the team you are with -- acknowlge the accomplishments of the team you're with. >> what dodo you say abobout tht icky question of weaknesses? so manyeople have beecoached into saying, i work too hard. how do you show humumility witht showing too many failings? >> you pick sothing that is minor and is not relevant to the job and easilyixable. i uld say, one of my bigge weaknesses is that i talk too fast.
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when i get into presentations i have to think abt talking slow. mistake number five -- don' talk salarary too soon.. jobwawas a finalist for the and got into paying expenses during the job. >> you've got to wait until they loveve you. you want to wait until you have the job and then negotiate. >> i just went thrhrough this wh somebody. i kind of liked them. in the interview she pushed me. >> thanks for all your help.
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>> what i believe determineses about how i behave. so if our children do not know the trtruth, how are they goingo behave? they'll look around saying that's what she does. that's what he does. that's what his parents allow him to do. thatat's what her parents allow her to do. and they walk into a culture that's full of traps. >> announcer: next on in touch, false doctrine. >> and j jesus came up and spoke tohem saying... [music] >> baptizing tm in the name of the father, the son an


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